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Welcome to my journal. Here is where you will find session highlights, tips, my everyday life and thoughts, news, and lots of things in-between. If there is something you are want to know just let me know and I am happy to share.


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I bet you thought another month would go by without another post.  I told you I would be back. 🙂 I absolutely love today’s topic!  I know, I know, I have said that before but right now I have so many emotions going on about my life right now.  I am at a point in […]

For those select few that stick around when I bail on my blog, I want to say thank you!  Keeping up on the blog is definitely not my strong suit.  🙂  A few weeks ago I started this blog challenge thinking “oh ten days no problem!”  Well, as you can see by the dates on […]

Ahh turn offs!  This one is going to be easy.  🙂  When I mentioned today’s topic to my son, Tristan, his response was “like turning off a switch?” Lol!!  Yep love, something like that.  I just love his innocence. 🙂 Here is today’s topic:  4 Turn Offs… 1:  Disrespect – As adults we should know […]

Honestly I did not think I would make it this far with this challenge.  I am mighty proud of myself.  🙂  So without all the fluff before the post, let’s get down to business! Day 6 – 5 People Who Mean A Lot (In no certain order) 1:  My husband, Travis – We have had […]

Well I did it, I made it halfway through the challenge and only a day late. 🙂  I knew I would end up not thinking about it one day and miss one.  Oh well.  I am back on track today.  Today’s blog is 6 things I wish I had never done.  Whoa this one is a […]

Today has been one of those crazy days that your wish you could rewind and try again.  I am still processing all that went on.  But before I start today’s blog challenge post I want to take a minute to say my thoughts and prayers are with a couple families today that lost their loved […]

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