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Welcome to my journal. Here is where you will find session highlights, tips, my everyday life and thoughts, news, and lots of things in-between. If there is something you are want to know just let me know and I am happy to share.


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  Happy Belated Anniversary to me!!   Ever have one of those weeks where you just know you’re going to forget something?? How about forgetting an important occasion? Like a birthday or anniversary!?  Well I never thought it would happen. Never thought that I would forget an important date in my life.  In fact I […]

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Oooo one confession.  This one takes some thought. What kind of confession to reveal?  My love of chocolate maybe??  Nah, I have already done that.  How about my love for my family?  Nope, that is pretty evident.  My love for TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Rookie Blue, and Revenge?  Or even that I secretly DVR […]

I bet you thought another month would go by without another post.  I told you I would be back. 🙂 I absolutely love today’s topic!  I know, I know, I have said that before but right now I have so many emotions going on about my life right now.  I am at a point in […]

For those select few that stick around when I bail on my blog, I want to say thank you!  Keeping up on the blog is definitely not my strong suit.  🙂  A few weeks ago I started this blog challenge thinking “oh ten days no problem!”  Well, as you can see by the dates on […]

Ahh turn offs!  This one is going to be easy.  🙂  When I mentioned today’s topic to my son, Tristan, his response was “like turning off a switch?” Lol!!  Yep love, something like that.  I just love his innocence. 🙂 Here is today’s topic:  4 Turn Offs… 1:  Disrespect – As adults we should know […]

Honestly I did not think I would make it this far with this challenge.  I am mighty proud of myself.  🙂  So without all the fluff before the post, let’s get down to business! Day 6 – 5 People Who Mean A Lot (In no certain order) 1:  My husband, Travis – We have had […]

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