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10 Day Blog Challenge ~ Day 10 ~ One Confession ~ Palm Desert Photographer

September 2, 2012

Oooo one confession.  This one takes some thought.

What kind of confession to reveal?  My love of chocolate maybe??  Nah, I have already done that.  How about my love for my family?  Nope, that is pretty evident.  My love for TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, Rookie Blue, and Revenge?  Or even that I secretly DVR General Hospital to watch when I am up late working (kind of like right now)?  No those are no good.


OK I think I have one. 🙂

Here is today’s topic:  One Confession…

1:  I confess that I still get nervous right before a session.  As if I was headed to my very 1st session.  Then I get in the car, crank up some old school jams (you know like Zapp and Roger, Aretha Franklin, Dazz Band, etc.), and all the butterflies go away.  I also get nervous and really quiet when in large groups….well until I get warmed up. 🙂

Boy it is hard to narrow down to one confession. I guess I failed at that one, since I gave like 6 little confessions. Oh well.  I could delete what I wrote but then I might not finish this challenge.  With that I can now say I FINISHED my 10 day blog challenge!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Now the celebrating can begin. lol!  I hope you learned a little more about me and had fun with the topics. 🙂

Now to the real fun stuff on the blog to begin.  The tiny toes, adorable kiddos, loving families, and spunky seniors are up next.

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  1. Cathy Hood says:

    My one confession I am happiest when I am helping to make a difference…I am a nervous wreck in the process.

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