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Freezing moments of laughter, love, strength, adventure and everything in between to document your legacy.



About Ann

I love snuggles, laughter, genuine love, nature, and clients that love to let loose and be their authentic selves. I mean, we all have a little (sometimes a lot) of silly in us if we just let go. Letting go gives me the opportunity to capture YOU. If you want your photos to be authentically you, you want your captured memories with your loved ones to withstand the test of time, and you would like to make a new friend during the process, then keep scrolling! 

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Portrait photography in Auburn, ca and Palm Desert, CA

My purple hair, my love for dragonflies, comfy clothes, my love of being barefoot, cooking for large groups, ice cream is my jam, and nerf wars with my kids.

what I'm known for:

I will cry at your wedding, hug you tightly with excitement about your new addition to your family, I will jump up and down with you when you get into your first choice college, I will hold your hand when I sense you need it, and I will make sure our time together is beyond words.

I have been married for over 22 years and have been a mom for over 21 years (yikes!). I have 4 children (2 of which are my rainbow babies), and I am a mom to 6 angel babies. Also, I have one spunky escape artist dog, a spunky puppy, and 2 very prissy, loves to knock over water cups cats.

I love deeply, give generously, I am a friend for life, and care immensely. Oh and of course there is a tiny bit of feisty in there too. 😉 


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I am inspired by

My family...a beautiful, chaotic, hilarious, energetic, never a dull moment family it is.  We have a spread in children so we are non stop. In the nonstop I find solace, peace, inspiration, more love than I thought possible, exhaustion, and so much more.  Without my family I would not be where I am today.  

my family

Oh my husband! Where do I start.  He is my rock, my best friend, my strength when I feel like I cannot go on, my biggest cheerleader, and the list can go on.  He works so hard for us and I cannot thank him enough. Travis and I meet when we were in college and our love story was in hyper-speed. :) We recently celebrated 21 years of marriage! That flew by! We have done so much together, including accepting Christ as our Savior in 2012. There is not anyone else I would want to be on this crazy life journey with. 

my husband



I am inspired by

There are so many things that inspire me.  However, I would have none of it without God. Over the last few years I have really embraced learning about God, praying all the time, and being in the word. My journey has been a rollercoaster but no matter what I know I can open my bible and find peace and inspiration. Before every session I always refocus and remember I get to share my gift with others because of God. 
If you ever want to hear my story or want to share your's, let's meet for coffee.

knowing God

Whether it is a sunrise or a sunset, they give me a sense of peace, rejuvenation of my soul, and focus. I used to get up super early to walk with a very dear friend and we would see some amazing desert sunrises. It was such a wonderful way to start the day. Now that the kids are older getting up for sunrise just doesn't happen. Now I enjoy more sunsets, even if just for a brief moment. It is in that moment I reflect, plan, appreciate, breathe, and sit in amazement over God's beautiful painting.

beautiful sunsets



I am inspired by

There is nothing like capturing moments with a film camera.  You have to know your light and trust in your intuitions. Then you enter a darkroom to develop your film and blindly load and process moments.  The smell of fixer is oddly comforting and the moment you see your image appear on the paper amongst the chemicals is magical! I love the slowness of capturing on film as opposed to digital.

Film photography

My soul is at peace when in nature. Surrounded by green, the sounds of wind blowing through the trees and meadows, rushing rivers and streams, the smell of pine trees, and the moist air. One of my favorite things to do is just to sit on a rock and take in everything with every one of my senses. For me creativity is at its highest when I am still and taking it all in. I never knew just how much I needed the mountains until we moved to the desert. While truly beautiful in its own way my soul needed the lushness of the forest. However, the desert light is absolutely dreamy and so very different from the foothills. 






Why the

Dragonflies are one of my obsessions. They have a special meaning to me. they remind me of the first baby we miscarried in 2008 and the moving forward from such a heartbreak. They signify  hope, change, and love. They personify free spirit and an open heart. I believe when a dragonfly crosses my path it is God's way of telling me our now 6 angel babies are happy and are with me. 

When I created my very first logo I was up in the middle of the night caring for my rainbow baby who was very sick and it just happened. I was sitting there doodling and playing with ideas in Photoshop when I created the first logo. The dragonfly felt perfect. So it stuck. Up until this new logo, the dragonfly was the same one from day one just tweaked.

Logo progression

When you are spending time with family you are the most relaxed, happy, and you. It is those times that we share memories, stories, and snuggles. They are times we remember and cherish. My time with you in front of the camera may be short but during that time I hope to become friends (or family). 

I  treat you like family.

what makes me different

When I am photographing anything (people, landscape, etc.) my main goal is to capture the time just as it is. I started my photography journey by shooting with film. So, when I capture and edit my images I do so the same way I could have with film. I keep things simple, natural and timeless. I want my clients to be able to look at their images 20/30/40+ years from now and instantly be brought back to that moment by the colors, light, and emotions. 

I believe in capturing the light just as it is.

what makes me different

I believe that listening is a huge part of what I do. From our first interaction through our session. I listen to your family dynamics and your vision. I truly want to get to know you so I can provide you with amazing photographs that scream YOU! 

I take the time to get to know you!

what makes me different

I believe that feeling at ease in front of the camera is key to seeing the real you. I get it, when the camera goes up it is all too easy to get nervous, feel awkward, and turn into this bizarre never seen version of yourself. I have been there...recently. From the time we meet through the end of our session, it is my goal to help you feel at ease and relaxed. So, when I ask you to do something out of the norm or to be silly you can do so with freedom.

I believe helping you feel at ease from the start is key

what makes me different

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If you are interested in having me capture your moments, go ahead and click the inquire about your date button. Let me know how I can capture moments for you.

Fall/Holiday sessions begin to book up in August.

If you are interested in wedding photography, I only take a very limited number of weddings per year. So book early.

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Portrait  collections  begin  at  $425

One of the best things about the pictures that hang on my walls and make my house a home are that they were all taken by Ann! Ann has been in our family for many many years and over that time, we have had the honor of her capturing our most cherished memories and milestones. Not only is she family to me but as a professional, her work is amazing! She has this special way of connecting with each and everyone's personality and energy - it is evident through her portfolio that she makes everyone feel comfortable in front of the lens! Another amazing thing about Ann and her work is that she is not just in it for the business. Let’s be honest - professional photography can be expensive and is a total luxury! What I appreciate is that she is in it to provide you with the gift and service of capturing life’s greatest moments and works with you to find a photography package that works within your needs and means. She has been there to capture moments with my family, on my wedding day, maternity portraits and now for newborn photos of our first baby! I would recommend her to anyone and I can’t wait to continue to fill our home with Ann’s beautiful work in the years to come.

One of the best things about the pictures that hang on my walls and make my house a home are that they were all taken by Ann!

Neil, Shelby & baby Brooks

kind words

Ann has an gift for taking our exciting moments in life and memorializing them into photos we can cherish forever. She really puts her heart into her work!

She really puts her heart into her work!

Cody, Jessica

kind words

Ann has been taking our family pictures for 8 years as well as images for our businesses. She has a way of making the photo shoot so casual while capturing the most beautiful and sacred pictures. Having 3 dogs and an active son, our photo shoots are nothing short of chaotic... and Ann is the grounding force. We are always so pleasantly surprised that amidst the chaos, she captures the incredible images that she does.
Our photo shoots are part business, part therapy and a whole lot of laughter.

"Our photo shoots are part business, part therapy and a whole lot of laughter.."

Jay, Jen, Lucas

kind words

Ann did an amazing job of capturing our wedding for us. She has a way of making you feel comfortable, resulting in beautiful natural, smiles. We couldn’t have been happier with our photographs.

I’ recommend Ann to everyone who mentions needing photos.

Martin & Tizzie

kind words


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