I love deeply, give generously, I am a friend for life, and care immensely.  Oh and of course there is a tiny bit of feisty in there too. 😉 

I will cry at your wedding, hug you tightly with excitement about your new addition to your family, I will jump up and down with you when you get into your first choice college, I will hold your hand when I sense you need it, and I will make sure our time together is beyond words.

I have been married for just over 19 years and have been a mom for almost 18 years (yikes!). I have 4 children (2 of which are my rainbow babies), and I am a mom to 6 angel babies. Also, I have one spunky dog and a very prissy cat.

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Why the

Dragonflies are one of my obsessions. They have a special meaning to me. they remind me of the first baby we miscarried in 2008 and the moving forward from such a heartbreak. They signify  hope, change, and love. They personify free spirit and an open heart. I believe when a dragonfly crosses my path it is God's way of telling me our now 6 angel babies are happy and are with me. 

~ I have a strong love for Dragonflies

~ I love cooking for lots of people

~ I have been known to "accidentally" eat a whole container of ice cream in one sitting

~ My favorite cartoon growing up was Tale Spin

~ I love having Nerf wars with my boys

~ I have more pins of food on Pinterest than anything else

~ I love to randomly dance with the kids

~After 21 years of marriage, I am still madly in love with my husband. 

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Based out of
Auburn, CA
Palm Desert, CA

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