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Couples – Day 4

January 4, 2020

To me, you are perfect.
~Love Actually

Couples, my husband and I
One of my favorite images as a couple is this one of Travis and I taken by Ginger Murray – Photographer


As a photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing many couples. I have photographed new love, engaged couples, couples getting married, and couples together for decades. However, capturing a couple’s love is so very precious, even when it feels awkward.

We all know some guys (and some ladies) aren’t too excited about having their photos taken, especially professionally. Helping a couple to relax and have fun is one of my favorite parts of taking their portraits. However, I love capturing the in between nose wrinkle, smirk, or small gesture of love when my couples think I am not paying attention. Just like the photo of my husband and I above the a wonderful photographer and friend took of us and the many couples I captured in the photos below.

Love, no matter if it is a month new or 50 years young, is invigorating. On Valentine’s Day, Travis and I will be married for 22 years. Our marriage, as many, has been up and down. At the end of the day I cannot imagine him not being by my side. Even when he thinks I have lost my mind and I ask for “just one more” selfie.

How many of you reading this have portraits of you and your love? Are they selfies? Professional photos? Are they posed or mostly selfies?

Most of us are not comfortable in front of the camera and tend to put off getting photos taken. I mean, it is kind of an awkward feeling, right?! If one of you were gone tomorrow, would you have to hunt for images? Would have a few wonderful images of a memory together? For us, I would have to hunt a little for photos. I am going to change that this year. We will have our photos taken more. Sorry Travis…Surprise. hahaha!! I want our kids to be able to look back one day and remember the love we shared.

With one of my 2020 goals being to have more photos with just my husband…I want to gift the same to another couple. My next 10 year anniversary giveaway is a special couple session. Just you and your love. Whether you have only been together a month or been together for 40+ years. Your love tells your story. I want to capture that.

In the comment section, tell me the one thing that caught your eye when you first noticed your love. For me it was that Travis was not like other guys. I know that sounds cliche but it was true.

Here is a little backstory. When we met in college, I spent a lot of time at our local dance club. Many guys tried to be all over me. Travis just hung back. He wasn’t sleazy like many others. Not to mention, he was super attractive and tall! That was what caught my eye.

Giveaway Time

Now it is your turn. In the comments tell me what caught your eye when you first noticed your love. Then tomorrow (Sunday 1/5/2020) at 8p PST I will announce a winner. They will win a couple session with digital images. Session will be done either in or around Auburn, CA or Palm Desert, CA. See below the following images for all the details.

Until tomorrow…Here is my 2018 highlight images. Enjoy!

Giveaway details: Couple session must take place in or around Auburn, CA or in or around Palm Desert, CA sometime during 2020. Palm Desert session will only be done when Ann Keen Photography is in the area, which is typically 2-4 times a year. Session can be gifted to someone in either area. Not transferable for cash. Session includes just the couple. This session also includes digital images. This giveaway is not sponsored by Facebook, Instagram, or anyone outside of Ann Keen Photography. Session winner will be announced Sunday, January 5, 2020 at 8p PST.

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  1. Chandra says:

    Such a sweet story about you and Travis! The thing that caught my eye about my husband when we first met was his smile. He had a great smile. And he was so patient and polite. He too was not like the other guys who just tried any pickup line they could. He was patient, kind, and sweet. ?

  2. Jayda Kosar says:

    Taiden and I met each other way before we actually *met* each other. We both signed up to go tour Humboldt State University through a program put on by the university. There were two buses that left LA to go see Humboldt, I went on the bus labeled A-L and he went on the bus for kids with last names starting with M-Z. He made it to HSU, but I didn’t. Fast forward to our Freshman year, we both lived in buildings right next to each other and would say hi here and there walking by each other on campus. During our sophomore year of college, Taiden was an activist on campus and I saw him at a lot of the events on campus. He had an amazing smile that always lit up the room and I was interested. We had a mutual friend who I told I was interested in Taiden. She told him I was interested and we would talk in a bio class we shared. He eventually asked me to go to sushi and the rest is history. We got engaged on November 30th and really want to take engagement photos.

  3. Ashley Lopez says:

    The thing that first caught my attention about my, now husband, was his level of education and his ability to ask meaningful questions. I later found out that we had mutual friends, which was very nice.

  4. Vickie franzen says:

    For me it was his sense of humour and that even when I feel like things are falling apart he is the rock that keeps me grounded.

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