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Welcome to my journal. Here is where you will find session highlights, tips, my everyday life and thoughts, news, and lots of things in-between. If there is something you are want to know just let me know and I am happy to share.


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Every year I plan to do a High School Senior Rep Program and every year, for one reason or another, it never pans out.  Usually because I don’t get things out in time.  But this year is different.  This year I hit the pavement early and hard.  After much back and forth and little tweaks […]

A few weeks ago I met up with my cousin, Jessica, in Old Town La Quinta for some creative fun.  Jessica rocked it.  Even while holding a pose on her toes!  🙂  Old Town La Quinta is one of my favorite locations.  Stairs, archways, large windows, amazing doors, and bougainvillea, to name a few of […]

Wow!!  The last day of 2011.  It seems like yesterday I was scrambling to get my blog up and running before the New Year.  Thankfully I managed to do it with 2 minutes to spare.  39 posts and over 35,000 views later it is plugging along.  🙂  This year I plan on making my blog […]

From the time they are born, parents hope they don’t grow too fast.  Then the day comes for them to go to kindergarten and some of us cry for this 1st big step.  The next thing you know your child is in middle school.  Only to blink and they are a senior in high school. […]

Over the holidays I got the great pleasure to photograph an amazing senior. Although, I might be just a little partial since he is my brother. 🙂 Without being biased, he is amazing. He has been through some hurdles in his life and has come out on top. He is involved in the Business Academy […]

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