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Four Days of Inspiration ~ Palm Desert Photographer

March 5, 2013

Ever have one of those months where you just can’t wait for the next month to be here?!  Well this last month was filled with pneumonia, all 3 kids sick multiple times, and 2 of the 3 kids with broken bones.  Just as we thought it was over and we got wonderful news that we were pregnant, and a few days later we found out we would be losing our new little miracle.  We were crushed!  This was the 2nd time since November.  Why and anger were the only things consuming me. I canceled everything that I had going on that next week.  Including going to United 2013 (a photography conference).  After tender pushing from my husband, Travis, and my doctor I decided to go.  I was really unsure how it would go and was afraid of losing it in front of everyone, but deep down I knew it would help.

I am so very glad that I chose to go to United after all.  Those who knew what had happened and those I was able to talk to while at United helped me more than they could ever know.  I am so very blessed to have so many wonderful, kind, and caring people around me.  Thank you everyone!!!  Your love and hugs meant the world.

Last week along side of over 200 amazing photographers and designers I had the opportunity to hear some very powerful messages.  Even though every message was slightly different they all seemed to have common themes.  Honoring values, connecting, happiness, being unique, being a Pathfinder, always being present, and being bigger than yourself.  We all took notes, laughed and cried!  It was fabulous!!  I even got to hear, meet and have a book signed by Kevin Hall!  When I saw him on the schedule of speakers I was ecstatic, since I had just starting reading his book “Aspire.”  One word he talked about that I cannot get out of my head is Genshai.  If that word is new to you, as it was me, it means to never treat another person in a manner that makes them feel small.  🙂 I am so looking forward to being in the group coaching with him. 🙂

At the end of the conference Mary Marantz was truly inspirational!  We cried and laughed and had our eyes opened wider than ever.  She asked who sacrifices for you and who are you setting an example for?  These were easy…Travis, Samuel, Tristan, and Braydon.  Answering those questions may have been easy but realizing my family can sometimes get put aside because of my work was hard! Things will be changing with Ann Keen Photography so that I am present for my loving family!  It is time to implement systems and schedules.  I am so inspired!

Thank you to the Showit crew for all you did for United, and all you do every day!!  You have made such an impact on many of our lives and have touched me more than once.  My life was changed at United!  THANK YOU!! <3

Now that this blog has become a book, here are some photos from the last week.  Please excuse the grainy cell phone photos. Lol!! I did not bring out my camera as much as I should have.  The first few collages are some of the many images I took on the way to Santa Barbara, during the conference, and our little trip to Disneyland on our way home.  And yes 2 of the images in the 3rd collage I was taking photos while on California Screamin’ and going through the loop. 🙂


Here are some of my favorite images from the shoots I went on while at United!  Thank you Emily and Sarah for being amazing models and Stacy for inviting me to the shoot!  Gorgeous models and beautiful light. I definitely want to do more beach shoots now. 🙂

Thank you Krisd for your amazing vision and for helping me step out of my box.  This shoot was AMAZING!!  Thank you!!!  Below are my favorite photos from the Urban Princess shoot. <3

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  1. Lovely. Lovely. Ann beautiful photos and I appreciated the write up.

  2. Oh I am SOOOO glad you came! So great to see you and HUG you! I believe you will do amazing things! Your boys are so blessed to have you! Love you girl!

    • Ann Keen says:

      You are so sweet Jackie!! Thank you! It was really good to see and hug you too! Love you too! I have been trying to implement a schedule so I have more time to play with my kiddos, but man it is a transition. Thank you for inspiring me to do so. 🙂

  3. priscilla says:

    wow i had no idea what exactly happened , so sorry i am so glad you got to go i so wish i could have talked to you at UNITED…

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