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Welcome to my journal. Here is where you will find session highlights, tips, my everyday life and thoughts, news, and lots of things in-between. If there is something you are want to know just let me know and I am happy to share.


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Being new to the desert I never would have thought I would find a place so close to home that would feel a little more woodsy.  But when I got the inquiry from Bethan and we talked about the Whitewater Preserve I was super excited for what was in store.  Prior to our session I […]

Oh Louie how I just adore you and your mama!!  OK OK I know you are thinking I say that a lot.  But I truly do.  So many people, myself included, much anticipated this little one.  With a mama as special as his we all could not wait to meet him.  🙂  From my 1st […]

I have to admit when I got this inquiry for family portraits I was a bit giddy.  From the time I moved here to Palm Desert a year and a half ago I wanted to photograph at the JW Marriott Desert Springs.  It is an amazing location with so many natural backdrops.  It took everything in […]

My of my this little man has stole my heart!  The big blue eyes and baby snuggles…swoon!! He was such a trooper and a perfect baby to photograph.  Halfway through Sterling needed a little snack and a quick cat nap and then he was back.  Absolutely a dream!  We had tons of fun on grandpa’s […]

Wow!!  The last day of 2011.  It seems like yesterday I was scrambling to get my blog up and running before the New Year.  Thankfully I managed to do it with 2 minutes to spare.  39 posts and over 35,000 views later it is plugging along.  🙂  This year I plan on making my blog […]

I just can’t get enough of newborn cuteness and how very special they are.  I just love that they have so much hair on their bodies that disappears before our eyes, peeling skin, and sweet noises.  It just makes me want tons of babies.  I know my hubby just loves that.  😉  Seriously who can […]

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