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Behind the Lens: Hello again!

February 28, 2024

Hello, I am Ann! I am the person behind the lens of Ann Keen Photography. And above is my family. If you are new here, welcome! I am so glad you are here. If you have been here a while, thank you!! Thank you for supporting me and following along.

If you know my story, then you know that in 2007 I made a huge u-turn from a pre-med Neurobiology/psychology to photography. In my first semester as a photography major I took 10 (yep 10!) classes. And on day 2, I knew I was where I was suppose to be. I finished my degree in record time. I might have been a little excited to be behind the lens. Then in October of 2009 I opened my doors as Ann Keen Photography.

Over the years I have photographed so many people, moments, memories, and businesses. Not to mention the numerous times my husband and my 4 kids have been my models for some creative vision I had. They may have said “do we really have to take more photos?” a few times. Haha!

Following Inspiration

From the time I was young I always saw light different than everyone around me. I could spend hours just walking around and capturing random things that inspired me. Which makes me so grateful for finding photography when I did and being able to capture photos for a living. Having a way to show everyone around me what I see through my lens is exhilarating. The photo below I took while teaching my mentee how to photograph architecture. It was one of those moments where I had a vision and had to capture it. This photo actually hung in the Palm Springs Art Museum for about 4 weeks as part of the Artist Council Exhibition in 2013.

As I have grown as a photographer and a business owner I have photographed and specialized in so many things. From families to weddings, events, headshots, and all those in between. Including medical equipment at a medical conference. I currently specialize in family photography. I have recently fallen in love with branding photography and helping my clients tell their brand story.

Behind the Lens of Family Photography

Family photography brings so much joy. I love watching my families grow, chasing after littles, bringing out natural smiles and personality, and all the laughter. My favorite thing about families is photographing their love, personalities, and who they are in this moment. I want my families to look at their photos for years to come and remember the moment and laughter. I also want the kids to remember the joy of the day. Including the silly things I did to get them to smile. Capturing their story is my number one goal. During sessions I capture the posed photos, but I thoroughly enjoy the candid in the moment photos the most.

Behind the Lens of Branding Photography

Branding photography is lighting my fire. I love getting creative and digging in to help my clients tell their stories through images. I know how crucial it is to have a visual identity for your brand. In our world of websites, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all in between, it is pivotal for a business to have images that help tell their story, convey a mood, and gain trust. Images are important. Whether it is photos of you doing what you do, photos of your products, or behind the scenes. I have seen first hand how a simple shift in quality branding photography can quickly shift the perception of your audience. It can make a huge difference. Photographing small businesses brings so much excitement and inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little about me behind the lens. I plan on doing these more often.

Are you interested in a family session or a branding session? Are you wanting to know more about what branding photography is and if it is something you need? My calendar is open and ready to book your session. Just shoot me a message through my contact form. Also, if you are curious about what branding photography is, be sure to come back over the next couple Fridays. I will be posting here and on instagram on what branding photography is and how to know if you need branding photography. 

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