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The scariest 2 weeks of our life…

September 8, 2017

The scariest 2 weeks of our life…

Over the last 2 weeks we have been dealing with some medical issues that we never thought would be on the table. If you don’t already know, we really struggled to have Rilynn. After 2 years of trying, 4 miscarriages, horrible hyperemesis, an emergency c-section due to her heart crashing, and 24 hours in NICU, we were so overjoyed to be blessed with our spunky, do it her way little princess. If you have meet Rilynn, you know she is just as I described. She is our miracle, rainbow baby. We never thought that we would be facing another huge trial so soon in her life.

**Side note: If you are interested in our journey to have her or going through a miscarriage and need an ear or shoulder, please feel free to reach out.**

Well, 2 weeks ago Rilynn got sick and wasn’t getting better. She had a fever, hives, and cough. We took her in and they ran tests because her symptoms were all over the place, and her fever wasn’t getting better. We were also sent for an x-ray of her chest. Which came back as pneumonia. We got her antibiotics and she was on her way to getting better. Or so we thought.  A couple days later, the doctor calls with blood results.

You know that moment when someone is telling you something that is not favorable and the world around you seems to stop. Your brain goes into a fog and you really don’t hear everything completely. Yeah that was me on August 24th around 6p in the paper towel aisle in Target when I got the call from Rilynn’s doctor. The call where she was going over all Rilynn’s blood work and came to a few levels (Alkaline Phosphatase and Eosinophils) that were very high. At that point the fog took over. Her doctor told me that we could be looking at the virus hitting her hard, a bone infection, or bone cancer. I could not believe cancer (of any type) was on the table. My heart stopped and all the struggles we have already had in her life came rushing back. I called Travis and told him at that point and I could barely get it all out.

We were in shock! We prayed…lots of prayers! Friends and family were praying with us too. We could not believe this could be a possibility, and did not know what this would look like for her, our family, and life as we knew it.  We reached out to friends going through cancer with their kids hoping for reassurance. Thank you to them for sharing your experience and looking at her labs for us. We greatly appreciate it!

Last week we saw the doctor again for a follow up.  Our game plan was to wait for her antibiotics to be finished to redo bloodwork. That was the longest 10 days of my life. Every night I would watch her nurse and couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that she could have cancer.

Fast forward to Tuesday. We prepped Rilynn and brought her for bloodwork. She cried but was a strong girl. about 24 hours later we had results. I have never been so pleased to hear from a doctor. Praise God her numbers that were very high before had normalized!!!!  But…and that is a huge BUT. Other numbers that weren’t high before are now high. The on call doc thinks it might still be the virus working its way out of her system. There are a couple other things she mentioned, but she really thinks it is the virus. So we wait again for more bloodwork. The on call doc said to wait and make a game plan with Rilynn’s normal doc next week when she returns to the office. So again we wait, but at least cancer is not in the equation. We are relieved, thankful, and continuing to pray that this is all due to the virus she had. I always knew I hated viruses but even more so now!

And because what is a blog post without photos. Here is Rilynn today and just over 2 and 1/2 years old!!  Her smile always melts me. ??

Auburn CA Life Portrait Sassy

Auburn CA Life Portrait

Auburn CA Life Portrait Silly


**Second side note: If you too are in limbo and just need to have someone listen. I would be happy to chat with you.**


For all those dealing with childhood cancer or cancer in general, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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