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Ann Keen Photography is expanding!!

December 4, 2014

It is with much sadness and excitement that I make this big announcement this morning.  Ann Keen Photography is taking on a second city!!  That’s right!  AKP is about to go through some changes, and one of them is big.  So big that it will take approximately 542 miles, way too many boxes, one large moving truck, and possibly a couple days travel since I will be about 6 weeks from my due date.  I am sure by now you have guessed what the change is.  If not…we are moving.  Which means I am expanding to another city.  That is right expanding and not closing up shop here in Palm Desert.  I will now be photographing amazing clients, beautiful locations, and many more memories in Palm Desert, CA and in Auburn, CA.  So I will be covering both northern and southern CA.  🙂  Oh…I should probably mention when this is happening.  Well, the official move is scheduled for January 2, 2015.  Here is to hoping December moves slowly so I have plenty of time to hug everyone.

I am excited to move back to the foothills of Auburn (especially during the hot summer months here) but extremely sad to be leaving all my beloved clients and friends here in the desert.  You are all part of my family and I will miss coffee dates and running into you at the stores, parks, and community events.  For all my Palm Desert clients, there is no need to worry my business is staying open here in the Palm Desert area.  I will be commuting down every month or two, or as needed.  Any weddings, events, and sessions already on the schedule are taken care of and are my 1st priority!  If anyone (past, current, or future) needs sessions in the Palm Desert area, just give me a call or shoot me an email and let’s make it happen!  It is time to build up those frequent flyer miles.  🙂

Now for the next change…I will be adding photography lessons to my offerings.  So for all of you who have always said “if you ever offer classes, let me know” this one is for you. 🙂  I will be offering them online, in-person, and will also be doing some how-to manuals.  So starting after the 1st of the year and we get a little settled in our new home, you will see a new look on the website and blog and an extra tab for learning.  The learning tab will be where you find all the class information.  I can’t wait to help you learn about your camera and how to capture some great photos.

Then come the end of February I will also launching my Fine Art Photography online.  As some of you may remember, last year one of my pieces hung in the Palm Springs Art Museum for about 7 weeks.  It was so very exciting and such an honor.  So I decided to put them out there for the public to enjoy and purchase if so inclined.  Look out for that add on to the website in February.  I can’t wait to launch everything!!  2015 is going to be amazing!!

Last but not least, as you may already know, I will be adding a new addition to my family at the begging of the year.  Our baby girl is due February 15, 2015.  So I will be taking maternity leave from photography sessions to prepare for baby starting December 31, 2014, and I will be on leave until approximately the beginning of April 2015.  Please note that I am taking a leave from photographing sessions during that time.  I will be available for consults, bookings, classes, etc.  The only time I will take away from everything will be when baby is born until approximately 2 weeks after to heal and get acquainted with baby.  If you need a photography session during that time please don’t hesitate to reach out and I can refer you to another wonderful photographer in the area.

Phew!  That was a long post full of lots of information.  If you made it all the way through, thank you!!




Since every post is better with a picture, here is one of my favorite personal images…


Palms by Ann Keen



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  1. Alex says:

    Looking forward to seeing you in Auburn next year!

  2. Veronica Aranzullo Borboa says:

    I will miss you.

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