I am so excited that you are here! In this blog you will find my latest sessions, personal posts, and education. It is my hope that as you read through my ramblings you get a feel of who I am and how absolutely grateful I am for my clients, those around me and this amazing gift of capturing special moments that I have been ever so blessed with. So grab a cup of tea, coffee, a beer, or glass of wine and enjoy! 
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Dominic 22 days young ~ Riverside Newborn Photographer

Tonight I am catching up on some past sessions that I been meaning to post.  I am not so good at the whole blogging thing.  If you follow me, you may have noticed. 🙂  I suppose I should get better at it.  So from here on out I promise to TRY!  OK I said…well, typed it.  But typed it for the world to read it.  That means I have to stick to it right?!  That being said I give you, my fans, the go ahead to reach out and remind me if you notice I am not posting. 😉  My fingers are crossed and the sticky note is posted to my computer so let’s hope I can keep up on the blogging. 🙂

Ok so on to the post…

This handsome, sweet little man holds a very special place in my heart.  See his mom and I grew up together.  In fact, I remember when his mommy was born. 🙂  We spent many Easter egg hunts, advent dinners, family dinners, play dates, etc together.  The day I got the invitation to her wedding I could not believe all the time that had passed.  His parents had the most beautiful wedding!  Then a few months later the news of a little bundle.  That had to be the most exciting news I had heard in a long time.

The morning of Dominic’s session, my drive from Palm Desert to Mira Loma seemed to take forever.  Thankfully it was not because of traffic.  It was due to my excitement of meeting this handsome boy.  Oh and to see his parents too. 😉  Dominic was such a trooper through the whole session.  We had a fabulous time and the only blanket he managed to “get” was his own. 🙂  That never happens!

I sure wish we lived closer so little Dominic could grow up with my boys.  And we of course the grown-ups could hang out too. 😉

Oh, and did I mention how much I love him?! I mean look at this little face…how could you not! ..::swoon::..










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