I am so excited that you are here! In this blog you will find my latest sessions, personal posts, and education. It is my hope that as you read through my ramblings you get a feel of who I am and how absolutely grateful I am for my clients, those around me and this amazing gift of capturing special moments that I have been ever so blessed with. So grab a cup of tea, coffee, a beer, or glass of wine and enjoy! 
xoxo, Ann

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The scariest 2 weeks of our life… Over the last 2 weeks we have been dealing with some medical issues that we never thought would be on the table. If you don’t already know, we really struggled to have Rilynn. After 2 years of trying, 4 miscarriages, horrible hyperemesis, an emergency c-section due to her […]

  It is all so very surreal!  Our little rainbow baby is actually on its way.  We could not be happier!  The boys are pretty excited too!!  And now that we have passed our 1st trimester and seen our sweet baby multiple times it is time to SHOUT the news from the rooftops. 🙂  I have […]

This last week has been amazing! I had the great privilege of photographing baby Joaquin and his first moments with his family, I started a workout routine that is working beautifully, I ordered my first batch of branded office supplies (thank you cards, stickers, care cards, etc.), received a couple amazing sample items, had a […]

Having a quiet house is somewhat unheard of.  I have 3 boys (12, 8, and 2), so there is never a dull moment.  This morning my 2 older boys left for a 9 day vacation with their grandparents.  So I sit here in a quiet house while the baby naps.  So what do I choose […]

We have now been home almost a week from the hospital with Sam.  What a week!  We are so glad to be home again and getting back to “normal.”  Well, normal with restrictions.  The final results were he does still have Focal Epilepsy, his seizure activity is still mainly in his left frontal lobe and […]



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