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Capturing memories plus a Giveaway

A few weeks ago I posted a poll on Facebook asking how many moms/dads were in non-selfie photos during Thanksgiving. Just as I figured an outstanding 83% of those that took the poll were not in any photos. How is it that with cameras readily available to us we are not in photos captured randomly. Years from now when our children’s children are looking at old photos they will not see us in them unless it is a professional photo. This makes me super sad. When I look back on old family photos, grandma & grandpa and mom & dad were in so many of them. That was a day where it was so much harder due to making sure there was film on hand then having to take it somewhere to be developed. To think one day my future grandkids will not see me in snapshots from the past it makes me sad. This is why this year, starting now, I want to be more present in snapshot photos. I want you moms and dads not in photos to be in photos. So we can always be remembered later. Let’s make 2018 the year of capturing memories.

Photos trigger memories and stories our children remember. Think about when you flip through old photo albums. How does it make you feel, what do you remember from the photos, and what about the texture and smell. It is all part of the experience. Here is my challenge to you. BE IN PHOTOS. Not just family portraits but in snapshots. So dads, if mom is not in photos. Pick up your phone and capture her loving the kids, baking with them, reading with them, packing their lunches, making dinner, kissing an owie, at the park, etc. Whatever you are doing remember that without photos to jog our memory we may forget a lot of the fun, the little things and love that happened. Even the most simply everyday things should be captured. Nothing elaborate, just a simple snapshot. Not posed, but in the moment. Even if with your phone. Capture those moments you love her or him most for.

Making the switch now to capturing those special times, everyday moments, and a mom’s (or dad’s) love for her (his) kids means that you will have so many wonderful memories to look back on. And moms, if dad is never in photos let’s make it happen. Let’s use our phones for capturing memories this season instead of scrolling social media or watching crazy videos or reading the latest news article or watching a game. Yes this photographer just suggested using your phones. Why? Because I cannot be there to capture all those times. Those are moments that are in our homes during our normal routine. Those are candid and not planned with the perfect location or the perfect outfits or kids on their best behaviors.

I too am guilty of selfies with the kids or not even capturing moments with my husband spending time with the kids or him by himself. And he is guilty of not taking photos of me with the kids or me by myself in everyday moments. In fact scrolling through my photos to find an image to post with this post was nonexistent. Oops! So I proved my point. It is definitely going to change for 2018. Actually starting now!

Here is a photo from our cookie baking on Christmas Eve. Notice I am not even in it. This is what I don’t want. I want myself and many other parents to be in the photo with their kids making cookies.

two kids baking cookies Auburn CA creating memories

Here is my capturing memories challenge…

My challenge to you is to capture something in the moment of mom or dad with the kids, doing something you completely adore them for, or just because. Take a couple. One without them knowing and another with them looking at the camera (surprised or not). No selfies!  Then I want you to share your favorite with me and tell me why it is your favorite.


Because there is an opportunity to win one of 2 family sessions that I will be giving away. Enter your photo by posting it to the pinned post on the Ann Keen Photography Facebook page, by emailing it to me at ann@annkeenphotography.com, or tagging me in your photo whether on instagram or Facebook. You can also use #akpchallenge. Also be sure to tell me why the photo you post is your favorite. I will be collecting entries through January 11, 2018 at 11:59p. That should give plenty of time for some photos and possibly the bonus entry.

For an extra bonus entry, print that photo. Take a photo of you holding the photo you printed (yep a selfie) and tag me online (Facebook or Instagram) using the #akpchallenge. Printing our photos is another aspect that I want to touch on but I will save that for another post. So be on the look out for that one.

Have fun and I cannot wait to see your memories!


**This challenge is open to those in Auburn CA and surrounding areas and in Palm Desert CA and surrounding areas**







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